With 30 years combined experience in casting and moulding, Ben Ingram and Tom Dunkley founded ID Mouldings in 2019. Together, we strive to challenge the limitations of the moulding technology, collaborating with our customers to develop new products and produce high-quality, low volume moulded parts.

Our core speciality and in-house manufacturing process is Polyurethane Moulding using the Reaction Injection Moulding (PU-RIM) process. ID Mouldings has the technical knowledge and industry experience to support you with full project delivery – from the initial concept to final production. We will undertake the low volume moulding at our own facility in the West Midlands and commit to using our extensive network of British industry specialists for other areas.

Due to our extensive experience, the mouldings we produce have widespread applications and functions across a huge variety of sectors. Current collaborations include: Automotive Interior & Exterior, Automotive Development, Medical, Health & Leisure Equipment, Food & Beverage and Motorsport Mouldings. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our customers and constantly seek to expand our product range.

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