Over the last decade, low capital investment in tooling and rapid tool creation have resulted in a resurgence of PU-RIM Moulding. Therefore, this is the perfect process for low volume production and prototyping of moulded components.

After placing an order with ID Mouldings, you can expect tooling lead-times to be typically two to three weeks. Our expected tool life is up to 1,000 shots; this is obviously dependent upon the component’s geometry and complexity. In addition to single cavity tools, ID Mouldings can also offer you multiple cavity and family moulds. All tooling has the potential for the over-moulding of metallic or composite support structures; the inclusion of threaded male/female inserts are also common practice with us.


To produce your mouldings or components, we have access to a wide variety of quality resin grades which vary according to the application or requirement of your product.

Resin Grades

RIM Resin (Core Stocked Resins
Shore Hardness
Deflection Temperature
Flexural Modulus
Tensile Strength
Linear Shrinkage (25°C Cure)
High Impact
55-65 D
635-775 MPa
25-30 MPa
1.27 mm/m
Fire Retardant (UL 94V0)
78-83 D
1300-1500 MPa
35-40 MPa
4 mm/m
Structural (Carbon Filled)
80-84 D
1700-1800 MPa
28-33 MPa
< 2 mm/m

productions sizes/ quantities

Tooling Type
Tooling Shot Life
Typical Batch Volumes
Machined Resin (Green)


RIM Moulding offers a low capital investment on tooling (including the ability to modify tooling cost effectively), a shorter lead-time to production compared to injection moulding, flexible batch production and a greater freedom with design again compared injection moulding.

Generally speaking, the Tooling will last anywhere between 500-1000 parts before needing to be refurbished or replaced. This is based on single impression tooling, however muti-cavity tooling will produce many more. We do have green tooling that has produced well over 2500 parts.

The resin tooling is easy to refurbish. Where needed we simply re-machine the surface to produce a close to new tool.

We are able to manufacture using Green Tooling (Resin Tooling board), Heated Aluminum Tooling, GRP, Silicone and Printed Ceramic Tooling. Each tooling type has it’s benefits and limitations.

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