CNC Milling or Turning can be a vital process for developing and manufacturing components for low and high volumes of parts. Whether is be alloy or not, we can advise you in the best route to manufacture and supply the very highest quality of part. Material grades include Aluminium, Steel, polymer grades and a variety of tooling boards including PU and High temperature epoxy grades. The size of part varies upon the material grade being machined, please get in contact for more information.

Prototype and low volume components machining (Qty. 1 to 20)
5 Axis Machining (±0.2) for Aluminium and Metallics
3 Axis (± .15) Engineering plastics, tooling boards (PU & Epoxy) and performance foams.

Production of Master Patterns, Holding Fixtures, Composite tooling and Jigs for a wide variety of sectors including Automotive and Foundry work


We have a network of trusted metal fabrication suppliers that we work closely with, processes include laser cutting (up to 25mm), Folding, Welding, Machining, Powder coating, Anodizing, and punching. All in a variety of steel and aluminium grades.

Metal Fabrication for Prototyping and High-Volume production.


Sheet metalwork of gauges 0.5mm to 18mm in a wide variety of material grades including Aluminium, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Brass.

Processes include – Laser Cutting, Folding, Welding, Milling, Machining, Polishing, Powder Coating & Assembly.

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