Tom Dunkley and Ben Ingram, now owners of ID MOULDINGS Ltd., Birmingham, who have been producing high quality mouldings for many years, have now entered into a long-term manufacturing partnership with Grypit Ltd, a Derbyshire based company supplying their ergonomically designed gym equipment handles.


GRYPiT®’s development team have spent the last couple of years perfecting a selection of gym handles to suit every requirement of pulley systems.

A world away from traditional steel bars and handles, the GRYPiT® robust, polymer moulded range with textured finish, reshapes thinking about role and function.

The handle designs ensure that hands are correctly aligned in the ‘neutral’ position when training to help reduce risk of stress-induced conditions such as carpel tunnel syndrome, lessen likelihood of grip fatigue and promote improved performance.

Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) in a high strength PU resin, ID Mouldings utilise specialised tooling methods to manufacture the wide range of equipment handles in GRYPiT®’s range, which can be seen on their website –


Tom Dunkley, Managing Director said “we undertook an intensive sampling process, perfecting both the moulding and finishing processes. The moulding aspect of the project is extremely technical and we could not have taken this on without our extremely experienced team.”

Graham Taylor GRYPiT® Managing Director states –“Working with ID Mouldings has allowed us to develop what we believe are the best gym handles on the market.  Their attention to detail and consistently high-quality has been critical in the production of GRYPiT.”


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