ID Mouldings (IDM) based in Birmingham are supplying M-Sport, a flourishing global motorsport business with numerous mouldings for their WRC and WRC2 cars which are subject to arduous Rally conditions all over the world.


Using a wide range of polymers including high-impact resistant grades, cast using either Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) or vacuum injection processes, IDM are able to supply interior and exterior mouldings including door sills, wing mirror housings and grilles.


With over 30 years of combined experience moulding parts for a wide range of engineering applications, IDM produce prototypes and/or low volume production employing CAD, 3D Printing or reverse engineering to produce the final parts in a range of polymer grades with colours and surface finishes to match requirements.


Jim Balfour, of M-Sport comments…


“For the last few years Tom Dunkley and Ben Ingram, founders of ID Mouldings Ltd., have been supplying M-Sport WRC and WRC2 cars with a range of polymer mouldings, including wing mirror housings, sills and other exterior moulded parts.

IDM continue to support us with high quality moulded parts which are always delivered on time as ordered.”


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